Council to go with new Investigator Services Agreement

BARRY’S BAY – On September 25, the Township of Madawaska Valley (TMV) officially announced they will enter into a new Investigator Services Agreement.
At the September 23 human resources meeting, notification was given to the committee from Local Authority Services Ltd. (LAS) that the townships’ current term will expire December 31, 2013.
Direction was recently given to staff to contact the Ombudsman Office, to question if they provide this service and if they do, is there a fee attached to it.
Carl Bromwich, a committee member had previously inquired whether or not the Ombudsman services were free and sparked the inquiry.
At the September 25 human resources meeting, Treasurer/Acting CAO Brenda Sabatine announced to committee that she had been in touch with the Ombudsman Office. She was advised during discussion, that in the event that the township does not have someone on retainer to provide investigation services, the task automatically falls to their office and they will provide services at no cost to the municipality.
On this premise, Administrative Assistant Gwen Dombroskie confirmed, because the Ombudsman is free, committee recommended they did not renew their contract with LAS and go with the Ombudsman Office.
Recently, Amberley Gavel Ltd. conducted and concluded an investigation of the Township of Madawaska Valley Council, in regards to in-camera sessions. What they concluded is that the TMV Council did not always follow proper procedures when it came to in-camera sessions.
This was also the topic of discussion recently at the September 25 gathering.
It was announced a copy of the invoice was recently received and the cost of the investigation finalized.
“$3,800 that’s a big expense,” Sylvie Yantha, a committee member said.
Perhaps the group that put forth the claim should be responsible for paying these fees, the committee member went on to say.
Bob Kulas, another committee member shared similar thoughts on the Wednesday afternoon, and said the investigation was a complete waste of cash.
Dombroskie said she believes committee is now seeking a two-year contract with the Ombudsman Office.
See more in the October 2, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.