Council reiterates reasons for Shell station purchase


BARRY’S BAY – Madawaska Valley elected officials are clarifying why the township purchased a former gas station in Barry’s Bay.

All council members were present at the roads, property and planning committee meeting on July 18.

The brief meeting included a staff report from Operations Manager Hilary Kutchkoskie, outlining the costs associated with the purchase of the former Shell station at 236 John Street.

The township purchased the building in 2011 and had to cover the costs for site cleanup after soil contamination was found on the property.

Monitoring wells were set up to ensure contamination did not affect neighbouring properties. A report from environmental consultant Geo-Logic has reported there is no offsite contamination.

Chair of the committee Bob Kulas compiled a list of costs to date and said currently, the total cost of the property, including cleanup, sits at $222,902.82.

There is some more work needed on the property, Kulas added, including around $2,000 for decommissioning and around another $2,000 for additional landscaping, gravel and topsoil.

“To make the property presentable,” Kulas explained.

This brings the anticipated total final cost to $226,902.82.
Kulas said since the purchase of the building, the property has been the subject of public scrutiny, with many people writing letters to the editor asking for the purpose of the purchase. 

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