Council passes 2016 budget in 3-2 recorded vote


BARRY’S BAY – The 2016 budget for Madawaska Valley Township has been passed, but not with the support of all council members.

Much of the April 18 regular council meeting was dedicated to unveiling the budget, which includes a zero per cent municipal tax levy. CAO/Clerk Craig Kelley explained that at the time of the meeting, the Renfrew County or education levies were not included, as they had not been released in time.

However, he added that this year’s budget was completed earlier than usual, allowing staff members to begin procuring tenders for capital projects.

Although the municipal levy is sitting at a zero per cent increase, residents could still see a slight increase in taxes due to rising tax assessments.

Mayor Kim Love spent some time presenting the budget highlights, which include the roadwork construction plans, connecting link upgrades, transportation services and more.

It was explained that 25.18 cents of every tax dollar collected goes to protection services, or Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) costs. This year, Mayor Love said, there is an increase of $197,476 to OPP billing for the township.

“The OPP increase alone would have caused a 5.5 per cent tax increase if other efficiencies had not been found,” she explained.

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