Council discusses Combermere walking museum, PSW program and Main Street revitalization grant

BARRY’S BAY – Council for the Township of Madawaska Valley went through a large agenda during the regular council meeting on March 21. The first item was an email that council received from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and it was in regards to the Main Street Revitalization Funding. This was an update on some information in regards to this funding. AMO signed an agreement with the province to administer a $26 million main street revitalization initiative. As a part of this, 413 municipality’s will receive about four per cent more than originally expected. Madawaska Valley will receive $41,293 instead of $39,536. The councillors also found out that this money must be spent on either implementing priorities under existing Community Improvement Plans, which the Madawaska Valley does not have, or as funding for municipal improvements that will support main street businesses, such as signage, streetscape improvement and marketing plan implementation. There is no application process for this money. Council will just need to select a program category and the anticipated results as well as the estimated cost. For more pick up a copy of the March 28, paper.