Contractor unveils new location and new business in Golden Lake

Christine Hudder

GOLDEN LAKEThere’s a lot of positive change happening with Quality Homes and Renovations.

Work is underway at 20 Athanas Drive in Golden Lake, where a new warehouse and showroom has been constructed. Quality Homes and Renovations President Darcy Panke, who operated the business from his home across the road for the past 10 years, is looking forward to the move.

“I am excited about the new location,” he said.

Although the new site makes it an easy commute for Panke, he wanted a central location in the county for his business.

Panke, 43, worked in contracting since he was 15 years old. He decided that he would start Quality Homes and Renovations in March 2009. The business started as a general contracting company specializing in building and renovating homes, cottages and outbuildings.

“Everyone has goals,” Panke said. “I wanted to just do my own thing.”

He started small, working for himself in the early days. Today, he has a crew of 15 on staff, working everywhere from administrative roles to labourers.

“It’s busy,” Panke said.

Quality Homes and Renovations has served a wide variety of customers from homeowners to business owners and organizations. The team carries out small and large-scale custom construction projects throughout Renfrew County and the surrounding areas in Ontario.

The new building at 20 Athanas Road will be Panke’s legacy to the business. While he has no plans on slowing down, it will give his staff a home base, where they can continue working well in the future.

In addition to the new showroom in Golden Lake, Panke is proud to announce his new custom design business, Onsite Design+Drafting.

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