Concerned citizens to wait a little longer

BARRY’S BAY – On July 2, the Township of Madawaska Valley met for their regular council meeting.





Council chambers were filled to capacity at the most recent meeting on July 2. Many gathered in hopes that some discussion or decisions would be made in regards to the proposed recent water and wastewater systems changes.

At a recent water, wastewater, waste management meeting on June 19, discussion sparked about the original proposed changes. New concerns and opinions came to light, and a few councillors voiced concerns that they no longer agree with all of the seven budgetary lines in regards to the original recommendation.

In the midst of the meeting, direction was given to CAO Bryan Brown to see if discussion and decisions could be made in regards to the proposed changes before the actual tabled date on August 6, 2013.

Discussion and decisions were therefore scheduled to be made on the evening of July 2.

However, Mayor David Shulist and Councillor Shaun O’Reilly were absent for the recent council meeting.

Because of this, council decided to push forward the discussions and two decisions to be made until the next water, wastewater, waste management meeting on July 10, when all members of council and the mayor will be present and able to have input.

While discussing the potential changes to the water and wastewater systems, council also approved the June 19 meeting minutes.

In the minutes it’s outlined, “Committee explained Mr. Scandlon will be retained to facilitate the July 27, 2013 Public Information Session.”

Story continues in the July 10, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.