Concerned citizen on the lookout for speeders

KILLALOE – If you find your speedometer creeping past the limit, watch out – a Killaloe resident might be clocking your speed.

The resident, who wished only to be identified as John (“I’m not doing this for any kind of recognition,” he explained) has started up a Community Speed Patrol, aimed at increasing awareness of speeding within the Ottawa Valley and getting people to slow down.

John is a Killaloe resident who has become fed up with reckless drivers and people driving over the speed limit. He has taken it upon himself to watch for speeding drivers and call them into the local Ontario Provincial Police Detachment. Armed with a radar gun, his car illuminated with warning lights and a large “DRIVE SAFELY AND SAVE LIVES” sticker, John is patrolling local roads, documenting speeding and reporting drivers to the OPP.

“I’ve had too many friends and family members killed because of speeders,” explained John.

Living on a quiet street, John has witnessed drivers barreling down the road, despite potholes, bad weather, and children playing close at hand.

“Speeds will be called into the OPP,” said John.

John’s car is decked out in decals and signs that state what he’s all about. His bumper sticker reads “Speeds will be called into the OPP,” and he has three antennae sticking off his roof that let him stay connected with what’s happening on local roads.

In addition to personal reasons for getting involved, John felt that the OPP had a lot on their plate, and that catching speeders, while important, obviously couldn’t take their full attention. He got in touch with the Killaloe detachment and asked if he could call in speeders and reckless drivers.

“I’ve got the antennas and all that stuff on my car, and a radar gun,” said John of his setup.

Initially, though, he didn’t have anything other than the radar gun, which allowed him to clock drivers passing him by when he was pulled over. But when he started adding signage and stickers to his car, he noticed drivers starting to slow down. 

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