Committee divided at heated South of 60 debate

BARRY’S BAY – Madawaska Valley’s arts center, commonly referred to as South of 60, was the subject of scrutiny during the February 9 recreation, heritage and culture committee meeting.

Discussion swirled following Culture and Tourism Coordinator Anya Gansterer’s report on the Madawaska Valley Visitor Centre.

During her report, she indicated that staff has been working with a designer to create a logo for the Madawaska Valley Artisan Festival. Staff also worked with a designer to create a logo and new name for the railway station facility.

Councillor Shelley Maika, who sat in at the meeting as a non-voting member, asked Gansterer if the designer’s job is tendered out to the community. Gansterer replied that for smaller projects, the position is not tendered.

“We approach someone we know and work with regularly for small jobs like that under the required amount in our tendered process,” Gansterer said.

Councillor Maika asked Paul Nopper, the township’s recreation and community development coordinator, to provide her with the cost of the designer at a later time.

Maika then asked who had approved staff to create a new name and logo for the railway station in Barry’s Bay.

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