Coming together in candlelight

WILNO – It was a time to reminisce, mourn, and cope.

On September 25, hundreds of people gathered at the Wilno Heritage Park to remember the lives of Anastasia Kuzyk, Nathalie Warmerdam and Carol Culleton, who were all killed on the morning of September 22.

The special candlelight vigil was presided over by Julie Keon, a Life Cycle Celebrant.

“Experiencing this type of trauma and sadness and isolation only intensifies it,” she said. “By coming tonight and seeing the faces of your fellow community members, and the faces that have traveled from afar to be here tonight and support, helps us to understand that every one of us has been deeply impacted and changed by this tragedy.”

Keon said that by gathering that evening, it will help ease some of the isolation that people have been feeling.

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