Chimney fire on Zilney Street

Christine Hudder

BARRY’S BAY – The Madawaska Valley fire department was called to a chimney fire at 51 Zilney Street on December 8.

After arriving three minutes after the call with two trucks and 12 firefighters, the fire department got to work.

“The fire occupants were alerted to the fire by noticing heavy smoke in front of the house,” Fire Chief Corwin Quade said. “Just as the female resident opened the door to investigate further, all three smoke alarms went off. She opened the door and shouted back to her husband that the house was on fire. The husband didn’t really believe her at first … The second time she shouted louder, and then he knew she was serious.”

The fire developed into a working structure fire, contained to the southwest corner of the house.

“The first captain on scene did his walk around and could not locate the residents of the house. He opened the door to and shouted if there was any one in there,” Quade said.

A resident shouted that they were still in the house trying to extinguish the fire.

“This person was told to get out, he didn’t respond to the order,” Quade said. “It was at this point firefighters attempted to enter the house through the front door but were met with such intense smoke they could not see three inches in front of themselves.”

Quade said at the same time, other firefighters entered the rear of the house, met the resident at the back door and helped them to a safe location.

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