Cautionary speed signs chosen over change in speed limit on Old Barry’s Bay road

BARRY’S BAY – The Township of Madawaska Valley held their operations committee meeting on March 8 and during this meeting, they discussed a memorandum they received from Perspective Engineering. This was brought forward during the unfinished business section of the meeting and was in regards to the Old Barry’s Bay Road. In the report, it stated that Perspective Engineering Inc. was hired by the township to prepare an Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) application. As a part of this application, collision data was obtained from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and it showed that there has been 42 collisions over the length of Old Barry’s Bay Road. Of those 42 collisions, 21 of them occurred on a section of three consecutive substandard curves, which are located 2.5 km north of the Combermere end. Currently these curves are signed to reduce speed and this has not resulted in a decrease in collisions. The report goes on to say that upon the completed engineering plans for the road, the 51 curves have been reviewed. In accordance to that, the standards stated the design speed is set to be 20 km/h above the posted speed at of above 60 km/h. For more pick up a copy of the March 14, paper.