Catholic Women’s League to mark 100th anniversary this year

MADAWASKA VALLEY – In our disposable age, not many things last for a decade; far fewer last a century. One of the institutions which has been around for 100 years is the Catholic Women’s League of Canada (CWL). Carmel Rumleskie, who has been CWL member for 48 years says, “Our organization has lasted because of the faith rooted in gospel values, desire to serve and outstanding leadership of its members all across Canada.”

In an email to The Valley Gazette Rumleskie explained, “There are 4 levels in the League starting with the Parish council, Diocesan council, Provincial council and the National council.” The structure of the organization helps members to act locally and to speak with a powerful national voice on issues which impact the country.

Like many things, the National Convention, which was to be held in August, has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While members will not be able to celebrate at the national level, the local groups nevertheless continue to make an impact here in the Madawaska Valley, as do other local councils from coast to coast.

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