Catch the new news below, after a recent municipal meeting

BARRY’S BAY – On June 19, the Township of Madawaska Valley met for their water, wastewater, waste management meeting.


On June 19, local resident Andy Boyd approached councillors/committee members with an array of questions, in regards to the proposed upcoming information meeting on July 27.

Boyd went on to tell those in attendance about the recent public information meeting, which took place on June 6.

“…The citizen’s action group held a community information meeting at the ski hill and delivered your proposed taxation changes to over 200 people in attendance. There is a strong community interest in attending both the July 27 open forum meeting and the August 6 council meeting.”

There is a pressing need for members of the community to be informed as to the structure of this meeting, he stressed to the committee.

Boyd questioned the proposed structure for the upcoming meeting and also asked committee members if a business case would be finally presented for the controversial proposed changes.

“Based on your responses to these questions, I may be able to bring forward some positive suggestions that were developed from our meeting that may assist you. I, and other members of the community, wish to work with you to ensure both meetings are positive interactions between members of this committee and the community.”

At the core of the local resident’s presentation – Boyd really only wanted a bit more information as to what ratepayers could expect, come the end of July.

In closing, Boyd also made one more request.

He asked that committee members consider, the August 6 meeting be held in a larger location, like, the Paul J. Yakabuski Community Centre (PJYCC), for instance.

At that time, he also made an announcement, that in a matter of a couple days, the citizen action committee had acquired more than 186 signatures from local residents, whom wish to attend the August meeting.

Rather than to have taxpayers angry and locked out of another meeting – Boyd sincerely stressed that council consider hosting the meeting at the PJYCC.

There was no immediate discussion after the ratepayer’s delegation. Instead, Chairman Shaun O’Reilly asked Boyd to be seated and insisted that some of Boyd’s questions would be answered, as they moved through their agenda for the scheduled meeting.

Story continues in the June 26, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.