Canadian stars and film crew visit Barry’s Bay

BARRY’S BAY – It is not everyday that film crews and Canadian celebrities come to town.

But that’s what happened last week, when Toronto-based Sinking Ship Productions used the Valley as the location for one episode of the new children’s show, Annedroids.

The show airs on TVO and is produced by J.J. Johnson.

It tells the story of Anne, played by Addison Holley, who lives in a junkyard in the city. The intelligent young girl is a technology and science whiz, and managed to create three unique androids that live with her in the junkyard.

She has two human friends who join her on her adventures, including Adrianna Di Liello as Shania and Jadiel Dowlin as Nick.

Dowlin, 14, told the Gazette there are many positive messages contained in each episode.

“It takes different mindsets, characters and genders to solve problems,” Dowlin said. “There are different kinds of smart; someone who is smart in the arts, someone who is smart in adventure and street smarts, and then someone who is intelligent in terms of knowing things…by the book.”

Adding to the cast is Canadian comedy veterans Jayne Eastwood and Colin Mochrie. Eastwood was one of the original cast members of Second City. She has also appeared in movies such as Chicago, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Hairspray. Mochrie is known for his roles on Whose Line is it Anyway? and This Hour has 22 Minutes.

Eastwood and Mochrie play a couple on the show and both admit they were drawn to the writing.

“The writing is totally real,” Eastwood reiterated. “It’s not candied up or coloured up for children. Yet it is still like a kid’s show. I think it’s the most amazing kids show that I have ever been privileged to be a part of.”

Mochrie said he was asked to play the role and could not resist. 

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