Caboose committee clear the waters, confusion surrounding grants solved

BARRY’S BAY – The heritage, parks and recreation committee met as scheduled on January 29.

David Kelley was present in order to discuss the addition to the name of County Road 62, which he has discussed during past meetings.
The proposed addition to the current name is the Mayflower Heritage Route, and Kelley has discussed the matter with Alastair Baird, manager of economic development for the County of Renfrew.
According to the letter Kelley presented to the committee, Baird has already stated that he agrees to the additional name of the road.
Kelley brought forward to the committee the idea of paying for the four signs that would be posted along the road between Combermere and Barry’s Bay.
The cost for the signs comes to approximately $429 – this is not including the post and the installation.
“The sign would be 24 inches wide and 36 inches high and there would be four of them. One in Barry’s Bay, one in
Combermere and one in each direction halfway,” Kelley explained. “I am asking for your support to pay for that, and have township employees install it on four-by-four posts.”
The route will stretch from Maynooth to Barry’s Bay, with a total of eight signs along the road.
So far the design is undecided, but has the basic appearance of the name of the route, as well as an image of the Mayflower.
David Shulist, acting chair, asked if Kelley has acquired permits for the placements of the signs. Kelley explained he has not yet looked into obtaining those permits.
There are several sites along County Road 62 that Kelley is looking into placing the Mayflower Heritage Route signs.
“The sites that you are talking about, it would be nice if you could get them, but I am not going to say that you are guaranteed to,” Shulist explained. “That is something that would have to be looked into.”
Committee member Shaun O’Reilly then asked whether it was the township or the county installing the signs.
According to Kelley, during his conversation with Baird, it was asked that he discuss it with the township and see whether or not it could be a combined effort.
“Alistair [Baird] indicated that their [county] roads department and MV roads department should work together on this in some capacity,” Kelley said.
It was agreed that it would be looked into further.
Shulist then spoke to Kelley and stated that he appreciates all of his work towards the project.
Kelley also spoke to committee regarding the Heritage Walk plaques that have already been placed in several different locations throughout Barry’s Bay, as well as the future prospects.
He asked committee about placing several plaques in Wilno.
According to Kelley, a heritage group in that area would be who he would contact concerning the plaques.
Committee member Linda Neuman then noted that several of the plaques in Wilno would be located in the Township of Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards, and asked if those locations would be left to that municipality. Several of these plaques include streets as well as the church in Wilno.
Making contact with that township would be the next step in making those plaques a reality, Shulist said.
Story continues in the February 6, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette.