Busy radio host about to get even busier

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BARRY’S BAY – Trevor Smith-Millar has a busy schedule. Besides his time on air, he is required to prepare a lot of material. He needs to carve out time to both research and write much of the content that comes over the radio waves of Moose FM in Barry’s Bay.

Now, Smith-Millar has been tasked with a new role at the Moose FM Bancroft station which will see him provide news updates for all of the Vista Radio stations in South Eastern Ontario.

Vista Radio Ltd. is the parent company which owns a total of 45 radio stations across the country including 106.5 in Barry’s Bay and 97.7 in Bancroft. They employ over 300 people across the country and are committed to providing local radio coverage with strong community content in smaller markets throughout Ontario, Alberta, B.C. and the North West Territories.

Given the company’s emphasis on community engagement, normally Moose FM employees come out to a lot of community events. With so many events cancelled this year, the station looked at other ways to keep their pulse on the life of the community. This step included broadcasting Sunday Mass from St. Hedwig’s during the early days of the lockdown. While this move might have been unheard of in other cities, the station’s willingness to engage the community in this way demonstrated their core values in action.
Recently The Valley Gazette reached out to Smith-Millar to learn more about his career choice and how he got into radio in the first place.

When asked how he decided to get into radio Trevor responded, “There was always an interest in audio with me. I tried my hand at animation in high school. Hated drawing cartoons but I loved doing the sound for them. That love of sound brought me to radio. I put it on the shelf for a few years until financial trouble put my university degree on hold. While working a job with long hours, I started a podcast, did odd jobs for the radio station I volunteered at, they soon hired me and told me where to go to enhance my career. I have devoted myself to the medium and now here I am.”

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