Boathouse debate continues in Hastings Highlands

MAYNOOTH – Big changes are being proposed for new boathouse constructions in the Municipality of Hastings Highlands.

The issue was debated at the January 20 regular council meeting in Maynooth. Council was presented the zoning bylaw, containing the definition of a boathouse.

Councillor Gregg Roberts said the bylaw needs to be changed.

“It’s very, very outdated,” he said.

Councillor Tracy Hagar agreed.  

“I think if we revisit this, it would make less minor variances,” she said.

The municipality’s bylaw stipulates that a boathouse is a one level accessory building, with a peaked roof, that should be a maximum size of 320 square feet. It should not contain any sleeping, cooking, septic or water facilities.

Councillor Nancy Matheson said she, too, agrees that the current size is too small and by increasing the allowable square footage, it should save the municipality on minor variance applications.

Councillor Hald Robinson said he would like to see the square footage increased immediately.

“If we could agree with something today and increase the square footage for a number that is suitable for these pontoon boats and big watercraft that people are using,” he suggested. “I think that’s all we have to worry about today, isn’t it?” 

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