Blues is in the air

KILLALOE – It was hard to not get up and dance during Duke Robillard and His Blues Band’s performance, on October 11.

The Killaloe Lions Hall was filled with an energetic buzz as people streamed in through the doors anticipating Robillard’s musical charm.

Concerts such as this do not come by the area often, so when they do, people take full advantage.
It seemed as though a show with a cause was an even better reason for coming out, with almost all of the proceeds going straight towards constructing a new building for the library in Killaloe.
“I booked these guys because I like hanging out with them, and they’re fun,” Jim Jones said. “Part of the reason I wanted to bring Duke here, and do it… Duke is really high up there in the world of blues players.”
“They’re up there, they are up there big time,” Jones added.
It seemed as though everyone agreed, with a large crowd filling the tables, and many standing at the back of the room, all came out to show their support not only of the band, but also the library.
“I am hoping they will feel good because they supported the library, and I am hoping that they go home saying they saw, because I believe this is, one of the best blues bands,” Jones said.
“This community is really into music, it’s obvious that this community is really into music,” Jones continued, “Music is what I do for a living…as far as I am concerned, bringing to the community what you do [is important], music is what I do.”
Robillard has been playing music for 50 years, and is currently touring with his band consisting of Mark Teixeira, drums, Brad Hallen, bass, and Bruce Bears, on the keyboard.
“I started off playing rock and roll in the late 50’s, early 60’s. I heard blues and I loved it, and I realized it was kind of a part of where rock and roll came from,” Robillard said. “I was just attracted to that sound.”
Story continues in the October 17, 2012 issue of The Valley Gazette.