BLR Township loses long-time employee to another township

Staff Reporter

PALMER RAPIDS – Michelle Mantifel’s 25 years of professional service to her township is coming to an end as she moves on to pursue the next chapter in her career.

Mantifel’s work in the township office began in 1995 when she was hired as the office assistant at the Township of Raglan. Mantifel said, “I was promoted to Deputy Clerk-Treasurer in 1997 and appointed Clerk-Treasurer in 2000.”

Her formal education includes a Bachelor of Environmental Studies Degree from the University of Waterloo which she obtained in 1993. To this solid background she added much additional training. Mantifel told The Valley Gazette, “I have taken various municipal courses over the years – Municipal Administration program, Municipal Law program, Human Resource program and attended various workshops.”

When asked how her job has changed over the years, Mantifel replied, “It has become more complex over the years as the provincial government has downloaded more responsibilities to the municipality and there are more legislative requirements. Residents also expect more from their local government.”

To the question ‘What do you think people might most misunderstand about your job?” Mantifel responded, “As Clerk-Treasurer of the municipality I am not responsible for the administration and operations of the entire municipality. I am a Department Head, the same as the Public Works Superintendent or Fire Chief. Each report directly to Council and are responsible for the operations of their department.”

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