BLR looking to fill vacant council seat

PALMER RAPIDS – With former councillor, Sheldon Keller taking over the role of Mayor after Gary Gruntz left town, the Township of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan (BLR) are looking for local candidates to fill a vacant council seat.

Keller, was the former councillor for the Raglan ward, but was chosen by his fellow councillors to fill the seat of Gruntz after he suddenly left at the end of June.

With Keller stepping in and becoming the new mayor of the municipality, the council seat for the Raglan ward vacant.

Because of this, the municipality is now taking applications from members of the community to fill the open seat for the remainder of this term of council, which ends in October of 2018.

For more pick up a copy of the August 9, 2017 paper.