Big changes for St. Francis Memorial Hospital Board Foundation

Three new members will be joining the board of St. Francis Memorial Hospital Foundation, replacing two other members who are leaving their positions. Karen Tierney Chair of the St. Francis Memorial Hospital Foundation said, “Two of our long serving Board members have stepped down from the Board this year as their tenure is up.”

According to Tierney, the retiring members, Les Hewson and John Hildebrandt, both joined the Board in June 2011.

The Foundation Board Chair had complimentary words to say for both outgoing board members saying, “John was a Campaign Council member for the Family Helping Family Capital Campaign where over $1.1 million was raised. John has brought a strong sense of community, knowledge of the municipal and provincial environments and connections to people – everywhere.”

Of Les Hewson she said, “Les immediately took on the role of Treasurer for the Foundation Board. He continued in that role for his entire 9 year tenure.”

She added, “Les was always willing to help others understand the numbers in our financial statements, budgets etc., attend events, sign documents and share his expertise as a Chartered Accountant.”

Tierney also noted that the foundation is grateful for the passion and commitment to local health care that both John and Les brought to their roles.

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