Beavertails setting up shop in Barry’s Bay

BARRY’S BAY – Barry’s Bay residents will soon be able to enjoy a Beavertail on their way to a hockey game this winter.

Madawaska Valley Township council gave the go-ahead for the temporary establishment at the first regular meeting of the year on January 5.

Last week, the township received a proposal from Jason Marlow, who owns Algonquin Bound Outfitters and a cottage resort in Barry’s Bay.

Marlow also owns a Beavertails trailer, which is currently on site at Charlie D’s in Barry’s Bay.

Marlow is looking at operating the food truck there on the weekends throughout January and February. Since the chip truck at Charlie D’s is closed for the season, Beavertails could legally sublet from the license providing all the fees are paid.

“Staff has reviewed this and we are satisfied that he is compliant with the site lines; we have no concerns in that respect,” CAO/Clerk Craig Kelley explained. “But because it is time sensitive, that’s why it was brought to today’s meeting for approval.”

Council unanimously approved the proposal. Councillor Shelley Maika, who chaired the regular council meeting in Mayor Kim Love’s absence, voiced her approval for the idea.

“That’s very exciting, I can’t wait to have a Beavertail,” Maika said. “Three gas stations and a Beavertails; we are moving on up in the world.”

Meanwhile, council also listened to a presentation from Iwona Mooney, Madawaska Valley Public Library board chair.

She provided the 2014 annual report and a legacy report, which outlines the board’s work over the past four years.

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