Barry’s Bay triathlon and duathlon fast approaching


BARRY’S BAY – On July 3, athletes will gather on Lakeshore Drive to compete in the annual Barry’s Bay triathlon and duathlon.

Like past years, the triathlon starts with a 750-metre swim in Kamaniskeg Lake, followed by a challenging 32-kilometre bike ride and finishes off with an eight-kilometre run. Athletes can enter individually or as part of a team.

Community members are gearing up for the annual event, which is being organized by Dave and Elser Lee Faith Archer. The triathlon was stopped in 2014 due to volunteer burnout and insurance concerns. However, Elser, who is also a councillor of Madawaska Valley Township, and her husband Dave have resurrected the event for the past two years.

Chris Briggs, local pharmacist, sponsor, athlete and volunteer, thanked the Archers for breathing new life into the triathlon.

“We owe them a debt of thanks for doing this,” Briggs said.

The Archers said it was important to keep the triathlon running in the community.

“I think it’s important for the community to have different things to do,” Dave said.

Elser agreed.

“It’s a pleasure,” she said. “It’s hard work to do it, but it’s a pleasure to carry on a tradition that has so much value.”

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