Barry’s Bay ophthalmologist headed to retirement


BARRY’S BAY – As patients and staff walk by the ophthalmologist office in the St. Francis Memorial Hospital clinic, Judy and Dr. Claytus Davis shoot a big smile and a friendly wave.

Everyone returns the gesture and passes by with a bit more pep in their step.

“We are the Walmart greeters here,” Judy says with a laugh.

It’s that sort of warm welcome that thousands of patients have received at the local hospital since 2008. Located in the office at the entrance of the clinic, Dr. Claytus Davis has been providing ophthalmology services to patients for eight years. His wife, Judy, acts as the ophthalmic assistant and Brenda Guinther helps as the office manager.

Claytus was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he eventually attended medical school at the University of British Columbia. Although he knew he wanted to perform surgeries, he did not know what he wanted to specialize in. So from there, he headed north to Prince George, practicing as a physician for eight years.

“It took me around eight years to decide that it was going to be eye surgery,” Dr. Claytus said. “It appealed to me.”

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