Banquet celebrates careers of Peter Emon and Jack Wilson


RANKIN – October 24 saw the 2014 iteration of the County of Renfrew Warden’s Banquet take place at the Rankin Community Centre.

This year’s banquet fell days before the October 27 municipal elections, and though the topic was certainly on everyone’s mind, the crowd had gathered to celebrate both endings and new beginnings.

County Warden Peter Emon was bidding farewell to the Township of Greater Madawaska and his post of mayor. Emon and his family have recently relocated to the Town of Renfrew, where he was seeking election as Reeve; a successful campaign would mean Emon could run for a third term as County Warden.

As such, the night’s proceedings focused on best wishes and fond memories of work with Emon in his mayoral capacity.

“Peter sets a high bar for himself,” commented Township of Admaston/Bromley Mayor Raye-Anne Briscoe, speaking before the audience. “Peter is a very effective leader, and a strong supporter of our citizens, our staff and our elected officials.”

Briscoe spoke highly of Emon’s sense of duty, his respect for the opinions of others, and his sense of humour.

Emon spoke of his own achievements modestly.

“I say I serve at the will of the people,” he said.

 Emon did not dwell on past successes, instead urging county residents to look forwards, emphasizing the importance of active transportation and recreation within Renfrew County. Emon added that the real challenge was getting people to come to the region, but that the appeal of the region made it easy to keep residents around.

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