Ask, just don’t trespass, local residents plead


BARRY’S BAY – The Kosnaskies don’t mind if you admire their nicely painted barn along Old Barry’s Bay Road; they are just hoping visitors ask before they cross onto their property.

Just recently, a wedding party of around 20 vehicles stopped along Old Barry’s Bay Road so that the bride and groom could get photos with the barns.

Ronnie and Diane Kosnaskie noticed some members of the wedding party smoking in the fields, drinking, peaking into the barns and standing in a newly planted garden. No one asked for permission, so the couple walked over and told the wedding party that they were standing on private property.

This isn’t an isolated event, and many times during the year, visitors can be seen trespassing onto their property.

Diane said most of the local residents know to ask permission before stepping foot on another’s property. However, many visitors do not understand this rule and can be seen climbing over the fence to grab that perfect shot.

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