Arlington Hotel asks HH council to turn off the lights

MAYNOOTH – The owner of The Arlington Hotel, on the main street of Maynooth, says that the lights from the sign in front of the municipal office are shining into his business.

Owner, Ro Munich, made a presentation before Hastings Highlands council during the July 19, regular council meeting.

“It point’s directly at my business. I want to remind you as we are all talking about this that we are not talking about a sign that let’s say has 60-watts of power then when we flash like a light bulb. It is a bright sign, but it’s not just a bright sign that shines at my business but it actually changes every few seconds. The colour, the intensity, and the brightness shine on the wall of my business,” said Munich as he held up an iPad, which equals about the same brightness as a 60-watt light bulb.

For more pick up a copy of the July 26, 2017 paper.