Architect reveals plans for MVDHS

BARRY’S BAY – Madawaska Valley District High School (MVDHS) could look a whole lot different in a few years time.

That’s the word from architect Wendy Brawley, working on behalf of the Renfrew County District School Board.

On October 7, Brawley and several representatives from the board held a meeting with the public to discuss the possible integration of Sherwood Public School to MVDHS.

The same representatives also attended a roads, property and planning meeting on October 8 to discuss the ideas with council members.

Cathy McCaan-Kyte, assistant superintendent said the purpose of the public meeting was to introduce parents to the proposed rebuild plans.

The process began in April, when the board directed the administration staff to explore the possibilities of rebuilding Sherwood into MVDHS.

Both schools are facing dwindling numbers, with MVDHS at around 350 and Sherwood at around 100. Architect Brawley said the high school was built for roughly 650 students and Sherwood for 260.

“We are…not trying to plug every nook and cranny in this school with kids,” Brawley explained.

Brawley outlined several conceptual drawings on display. She reiterated that the drawings are preliminary and could change depending on feedback from the community.

“This is not the be-all and end-all of what we are doing,” she said. “This is the initial sketch.”

The idea is to have Sherwood located in what is commonly referred to as the B-wing of the school. The classrooms would be relocated to the current science classrooms on the first floor. Windows would be installed in the classrooms, Brawley explained.

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