Annual memorial service celebrated at Letterkenny Church

LETTERKENNY ROADA total of 54 people gathered in the historic pews of the Letterkenny Evangelical United Brethren Church on August 31.

They were there for the annual memorial service, which honours the church’s 100-plus years of history.

The church was built in 1881 and was closed down in 1963 due to low attendance. In 2009, a group called Keepers of the Letterkenny Evangelical United Brethren Church and Cemetery (or,  Keepers) acquired possession of the property and has been maintaining it ever since.

The annual service has been happening since the 1960s.

Past treasurer Donita Hartwick welcomed everyone in attendance to the 2014 event. She said there were no burials in the cemetery this year.

“But there are many that have gone before, so we are here to celebrate the lives of the people that we have lost,” Hartwick said.

Her mother-in-law, Joan Hartwick said an opening prayer before Eganville musician Jeanette Tubby performed some special songs for the congregation.

Reverend Bob Hill was the guest speaker of the event. He spoke about the importance of control and maintaining control while facing the struggles of life.

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