Andrey Kaminski running for mayor’s seat in MV

BARRY’S BAY – After originally planning to run for a councillor position with Madawaska Valley Township, Andrey Kaminski decided at the last minute to try for the mayor’s seat instead. Kaminski went into the township office on July 27, just minutes before the nomination deadline of 2 p.m., originally intending to change his email address information. However, he had a change of heart instead. He decided to run against the two other candidates that signed up for the mayor position, joining the race alongside incumbent Kim Love and current Councillor Elser Lee Faith Archer. “I have so much to say and so much inside my head that I think I will run for the position even though I respect both of them [Love and Archer] and give the people more choice,” Kaminski said. Born and raised in Mississauga, Kaminski would often travel to the area throughout his childhood. His parents had been coming to the area since the 1950s, given their strong Polish roots. They also operated Gun Mountain Resort. To read the full article, pick up a copy of the August 8 paper.