Andrey Kaminski enters the race in Madawaska Valley

COMBERMERE – Combermere business owner Andrey Kaminski wants to bring change to Madawaska Valley Township.

Kaminski is currently busy putting up red and white campaign signs asking residents to vote for him as township councillor.

Born and raised in Toronto, Kaminski is of strong Polish heritage. His father was president of the Polish Army Cadets Association and was instrumental in organizing many important ceremonies, including some in Wilno.

Kaminski was involved in Air Cadets, 618 Squadron, and the Governor General Horse Guards. He then went on to attend Humber College for architectural design.

He credits his father for giving him a strong moral foundation.

“I learned organization and trust in people and how to organize people,” Kaminski said. “That gave me the idea that there are so many changes we need here to work for the people.”

His parents have been coming to the Valley for many decades. The family had a cottage on Long Lake Road and purchased Gun Mountain Chateau.

Kaminski would come to the area to help with the resort, as he juggled a successful construction business and several restaurants in Toronto.

Then, around 10 years ago, he decided to take a leap of faith and develop Kaminski Suites on the Madawaska River in downtown Combermere. He also operates a successful trucking company.

This is the first time Kaminski has run for a seat on council.

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