Agnes Klassen

26 April 1934 – 29 March 2020

Agnes passed away peacefully on Sunday 29 March 2020 in Barry’s
Bay. She was a humble, warm, deeply human woman. Many of this journal’s readers will know her from her incredible knitting skills, especially her notorious, vividly coloured woolen socks. Agnes, grown up in Manitoba and B.C. and educated as a nurse, travelled the world from Australia to
France, from the U.K. to the U.S. Homesteading for decades, she was a
marvellous jack-of-all-trades. She could handle any tool, from hammer
to chainsaw, practiced masonry, stained glass, and (grape-)winemaking.
She thought the VW van had a “really simple motor” (she had taken it apart with Jonathan), and established the most amazing vegetable garden at their Farm on Letterkenny Road. Young in her 70s, she learned working the keyboards: the piano and the computer. We will miss her soft voice and her warm laughter, her stories, her wisdom and her compassion for others.

– Mycle, Julie, Max, Nina (Paris, France), Angela (Trier, Germany)

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