A show of force in Bosnia

PETAWAWA  – The story of one incident in the 20 year career of Petawawa based retired Master Corporal Trevor Smith has been included in the latest publishing project of Jody Mitic; Everyday Heroes: Inspirational Stories from Men and Women in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Mitic also served in the Canadian Forces for two decades, he was a sniper who lost both legs in a landmine incident in Afghanistan in 2007. His account of that experience is told in, Unflinching: The Making of a Canadian Sniper, a perennial bestseller.

Smith is, “proud and excited” to be contributing to a book edited by Mitic. He was also surprised.

Smith describes his military career as “quiet”. He had two overseas tours, both to Bosnia on peacekeeping duty with the Third Royal Canadian Regiment. In his 2001 tour to Bosnia he was stationed at Camp Maple, Zgon, near the small town of Klujc, Una-Sans Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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