A new way of learning for Sherwood’s Grade 7/8 class

BARRY’S BAY – Field trips, walking trips, and guest speakers. Students in Ms. Rebecca Poff’s Grade 7/8 class at Sherwood Public School have a say in all of it.

Just before March break, the classroom received word from the Renfrew County District School Board that it was successful in securing significant funding for a community-connected experiential learning project.

Essentially, students connect what they are learning in the classroom to the broader community.

“We have four field trips, a series of walking field trips around the community, as well as project-based integration of three strands of curriculum in the areas of geography and science,” Poff explained. “The project also aims to build community partnerships, both within Sherwood and within our larger community.”

The project also incorporates local employment and career possibilities.

It’s built around the board-supported inquiring-based learning called New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) and the “6 C’s” which are citizenship, character, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication.

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