A meaningful retirement is in the stars for Maggie Tyerman

Staff Reporter

BARRY’S BAY – As Maggie Tyerman steps into retirement officially in the next few weeks, the stars are once again aligning to make this chapter of her life as meaningful as the ones that have preceded it.

The owner of Tyerman and Daughters Inc., who, along with her dedicated team, has offered employment services to the region for several decades, took time to speak with The Valley Gazette recently and reflect on her diverse career.

In the early stages of her own career, Tyerman herself followed many different pursuits, including operating a greenhouse, a school bus, and a painting business. Each step along the way would help her develop new skills and talents that would eventually come to help her assist others looking for work or a complete career change.

When clients came to the employment centres in Barry’s Bay and Eganville, Tyerman, and her team, were able to understand the obstacles people were facing. They understood the complexity of emotions people need to confront when they are forced to change careers and genuinely empathize with people at their stage of transition.

However, empathy was only the beginning step. Once clients felt their challenges were understood, they could then set out on the eye-opening task of assessing what skills they had already acquired, and how those skills could be transferred to new employment opportunities.

Job loss can be one of those devastating setbacks that knocks some people off of their heels. In the dizzying array of emotions and the financial stress that often accompanies job loss, it can be difficult to set a new course of action.
Completing a skills inventory is sometimes not enough to match people to the right job. Finding work that is a good fit very often means considering which work is best suited for your personality type.

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