3 tips to make holiday entertaining a piece of cake

(NC) Dinner parties are one of the best, most beautiful parts of this time of year. Family and friends come together to share good food, give thanks and enjoy quality time with one another. Less beautiful? The many exhausting shopping trips and hours of time spent preparing for the party.

Before you go jotting down your shopping list on a scrap piece of paper, consider these three tips to make the most of out your holiday entertaining:

  1. Have the right tools. An artist is only as good as the instruments they use. Make sure your kitchen is armed to the teeth before you start slaving away at the stove. Looking to save time (and energy) when chopping all those veggies? Use a food processor to seamlessly prepare all your ingredients without breaking a sweat.
  2. Shop smart, not hard. Gone are the days of dragging the whole family to the grocery store to help you shop and making them lug countless bags into the kitchen. Use a grocery delivery or pickup service to save time and money. You can have fresh groceries delivered to your home without lifting a finger.
  3. Find crowd-pleasing recipes. Mix it up this season and try a new recipe or two. Look online for easy and delicious, tried-and-true recipes to impress your family and friends.

Stick to these tips and you’ll be sure to fill bellies and put smiles on the whole family’s face at this year’s holiday feast.