25th Anniversary of Killaloe Community Bonspiel

KILLALOE – A large crowd gathered on March 4 to mark the end of another successful eight day festival of curling in Killaloe.
Thirty teams competed in 90 games during the 25th Killaloe Community Bonspiel. Each team played three games. Teams were given points for winning a game, one point for winning an end and a quarter of a point for each point they scored.
A team from Madawaska Valley Association for Community Living (MVACL) was the winner of the bonspiel this year. The team consisted of Jason Fabian, Amanda Foy, Bill Green and Nicole Castle.
Club President Gerrard Mullin said that some of the organizers and participants of the original community bonspiel, held in 1992, are still with the club today.
Tim Summers, who was a member of the bonspiel draw committee in 1992, said the idea for the original community bonspiel came from a group of seniors who played at curling clubs around the region. Summers said Bob Gavin and Jack Anderson brought the idea to the board at the time as a way of getting businesses in the community to meet with each other and to get new people excited to curl.
Joanne Murray, who was scorer in the 1992 bonspiel, said Bob Gavin had been a member of RCMP Curling Club in Ottawa. Murray said he was the one who visited the businesses and the schools to encourage people to join in the fun.

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