100 Years Anniversary

SCHUTT– Just last fall St. Stephen’s Evangelical Lutheran Church was recognized for 125 years as a church community. Recently, celebrations continued as a new milestone was honoured, 100 years of worship in the current church building in Schutt.

The original church building, a small log church on the cemetery property on nearby Moccasin Lake Road, became too small for a growing congregation within its first couple of decades. Today, St. Stephen’s followers gather comfortably in the two-level, 100-year-old church building atop Schutt Road, affectionately referred to as the little white church on the hill. It’s existence is the result of an evolving process which began with donations of land, lumber, nails and labour, and a faithful congregation which has continued to grow and flourish.

As a result, despite the sweltering heat on July 14, church and community members joined in the festivities which included a joyful gathering with shared music, food, communion and prayer. Old German prayer books, hymnals, and oil lanterns adorned the church, representing memorabilia from the past. Seasonal wildflowers added colour throughout the narthex and sanctuary, as everyone had been asked to contribute from their gardens whatever was blooming.

The anniversary committee had invited Children’s Entertainer Paul Behnke to get things started. Behnke performed songs and involved his audience, appealing to all ages. Toe-tapping and hand-clapping, the whole crowd seemed to get into the lively musical rhythms.

Story continues in the July 24, 2013 issue of The Valley Gazette