Wise owl learns wise hand washing

Staff Reporter

BARRY’S BAY – Kids at the Wise Owl Daycare in Barry’s Bay learned firsthand about the importance of hand washing on the morning of December 21.

There, around a dozen children listened to public health nurse Jane Yantha from the Renfrew County and District Health Unit. She talked about proper hand-washing techniques and showed a video on the subject. Afterwards, she squeezed a droplet of invisible paint into each child’s hand and asked each child to scrub them.

Yantha then took a UV light and scanned each child’s hand. If they didn’t wash them long enough, a residue would show up.

Anne Etmanskie is a supervisor at the daycare. She said the workshop is part of the Healthy Habits day, where parents were invited to come with their children for a variety of crafts and lessons. Some activities included bathing babies and making a toothbrush caddy.

Etmanskie said the daycare will be holding more workshops that will incorporate the community in the new year. For more information contact 613-756-9581.